WHMCS and opensrs API

We use WHMCS at work, its a fantastic piece of software and comes with lots of built in modules for integrating with various registrars, normally you only need your reseller username and password to enable integration with a registrar from WHMCS but in the case of opensrs things are a little different, every domain name has its own username and password rendering the opensrs module in whmcs useless for entering in legacy domains – its great for new domains but for entering old ones no integration is possible with the whmcs opensrs module.

If you are an opensrs reseller you can request from them the ability to view each domains username and password in the opensrs admin control panel (you have to sign an additional agreement).

I have written a module which integrates with opensrs for existing domains – you have to put the domain username and password in the subscription field in whmcs (I do not use this field).

The following actions are supported:

  • Get / save Nameservers
  • Get / save Registrar lock
  • Get / save Contact details
  • Get EPP Code
  • Renew

Features not supported:

  • Register – you should use the normal opensrs module for new domains
  • All the DNS / Email Forwarding functionality
  • Transfer

Download the existing opensrs module

I accept no responsibility for any damanage caused by this module, as with everything – BACKUP FIRST!

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