Kayako 3.70 and Ckeditor

We are using kayako 3.70 at work, unfortunately the rich text editor that comes with it is pretty old and next to useless, I’ve integrated the fabulous ckeditor with file upload to enable us to build our knowledgebase:

ROOT will refer to the root directory of your kayako installation.

1. Create a folder called rteeditor in your kayako includes folder – ROOT/includes/rteeditor
2. Download ckeditor and ckfinder and uncompress to ROOT/includes/rteeditor – this will give you ROOT/includes/rteeditor/ckeditor & ROOT/includes/rteeditor/ckfinder
3. Edit ROOT/themes/admin_default/cpheader.tpl

Comment out all the references to htmlArea and insert the ckeditor code:

You can see the code here: http://pastebin.com/AL2r6qzW

For file upload you will have to modify ckfinder’s config.php file and amend the authentication section, unfortunately I cant seem to get at the kayako session data as yet so cant ensure authentication properly, as I have this installation behind a password protected url I have had to just return true in the config file (I strongly recommend you do not do this as it will enable anyone to upload to your server.)

Once I get more time I’ll work on the authentication and try and tie in the kayako session data into the upload authentication.

Anyway, I hope this helps someone.

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