Kayako Separate outgoing SMTP

I thought this was going to be impossible, we’re trying to setup several companies in one kayako, outgoing smtp settings are global and not per queue, to fix this I set the details for the outgoing smtp to 127.0.01 with no auth, this send out the messages with the from address properly configured as per the queue.

This probably wont work on every setup but it works on mine which is a standard cpanel setup.


I was testing a REST interface and always getting 403 – forbidden, turns out this is the apache default response for put requests, well at least thats how its setup by default on apache with cPanel, to fix create a conf file:


And add:

<Directory /wheverever>
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

Then test apache aint gonna break with:


If all ok, then restart apahce from WHM and you are good to go.